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Steak, Meat Your Maker

A great steak is, well, a great steak. But when a great steak is given to a talented chef, it transforms into something otherworldly. At Tony’s, we proudly serve aged, all natural USDA American beef that we cut and trim in-house. All of our steaks are seasoned with a paprika-based dust composed of a distinct blend of sea salts and peppers. Tony’s seasoning creates a depth of flavor, giving it a deep char while sealing in the juices. When your steak hits the heat and broiled to your exact standards, you now have perfection on a plate. The making of a great steak just got elevated to heavenly status.

Amore, Tony’s Style

We’re passionate about Valentine’s Day, but just as passionate about the weekends hugging it as our love for the holiday runs for days. Consider declaring your love early; beat the rush by joining us on the weekends preceding the big day. Your love is more laid back? Join us the weekend after. Just don’t wait to make reservations; forgetting to reserve a table may result in making the wrong kind of memories…

We are passionate about making a memorable experience for you all year long. Please join us anytime!


Lexington Spotlight

Private Dining

The holidays may be over, but this year’s celebrations and events are just getting started! February is National Wedding Month, the month where most couples begin planning for all things wedding. Tony’s would be honored to be a part of your celebrations. Let us help you with your rehearsal dinner, a groom’s outing, a meet-the-parents party, bridal shower or other gathering.

We can help you plan the perfect family or corporate event with minimal effort and stress on your part. Put your party in the very capable hands of our Lexington sales staff. Please call Rebecca to start planning your event.

(859) 243-0210



A Reminder about Super Bowl Sunday

Tuesday, February 14

We will be closed on February 5, 2017 to watch the big game. Since 45% of us will tune in to the Super Bowl, here are few fun facts about the game:

  • There are roughly 45 minutes of commercials compared to 60 minutes of actual game time
  • The cost of a 30 second commercial in 2016: $5,000,000
  • The Super Bowl is broadcast worldwide in 34 languages
  • A Super Bowl ring costs approximate $5,000 while the trophy costs about $25,000
  • In 1985, when the 49ers played in the Super Bowl in Palo Alto, California, the crime rate in San Francisco plummeted 75%
  • Approximately 1.5 million people call in sick the day after the big game

We look forward to seeing you on the 6th!


As always, Tony’s is a fantastic dining experience. That make sure you feel at home!

– via OpenTable

Love the steaks but enjoy the diverse menu!

– Guest Comment

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