May 2018 Newsletter

Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 13

4-9 p.m.

Celebrate all women who have mothered, smothered, scolded and molded you into the fabulous human being you are today. Pamper all the mom figures in your life with a beautiful meal at Tony’s. We are opening our doors earlier to accommodate all the self-sacrificing moms in your life.

Can’t be with Mom on her big day? A Tony’s gift card makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift that she can use any time of the year. Like your mother, these gift cards don’t play favorites; no matter where they are purchased, they can be used at either location.

May is National Beef Month!

Like you need a reason–or a specific month–to eat one of Tony’s steaks! Besides having arguably the best steaks on the planet, we offer other beef indugences. Branch out and try:

Prime Stuffed Burger

Our Prime Stuffed Burger is made from our tenderloin and striploin, ground in-house, seasoned with Tony’s steak dust and stuffed with pepper jack cheese. We pan-sear our burger to perfection, finish it off in the oven and then top it with more Pepper Jack. Our burger is served with truffle wedges and an herb aioli.

For the Enthusiast:

Pepper Jack is a study in contrasts: the cheese itself is mild and delicate, but the addition of habanero chilies, sweet peppers, garlic, rosemary and jalapeños adds the perfect amount of spice.

Tony’s Beef Tartare

A generous portion of our hand-cut beef tenderloin, combined with a mixture of Worcestershire, Dijon mustard, shallots and capers, topped with a raw egg and tomato brunoise. A steakhouse classic with Tony’s contemporary flair!

For the Enthusiast:

Steak tartare first became mainstream in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The modern version of steak tartare with raw egg was first served in French restaurants early in the 20th century and was originally called “beefsteak a l’Americaine.”

What To Drink With Your Burger or Tartare…

We asked our wonderful bar staff to suggest some perfect pairings for our burgers and beef tartare. In Cincinnati, an elegant Pinot Noir or a juicy Merlot makes a perfect accompaniment for the full flavors in our beef tartare. Our staff in Lexington suggested a Kentucky Ale or the LUXington Manhattan, one of Tony of Lex’s signature bourbon cocktails. Both can hold their own with the bold flavors in the burger. We’d love to know what your favorite pairings are!

Graduations… And a Great Way to Honor the Graduate…

Consider the benefits of booking one of our private dining spaces for a graduation party:

  • Beautifully appointed rooms that are yours for the evening
  • Dedicated serving staff to ensure a flawless party
  • The best food in town, hands down

Best of all–we have large screens to accommodate your slideshow honoring the graduate. Plug in your flash drive, VGA or HDMI hook-up and make your presentation shine! What better way to say, “Congratulations! I’m proud of you!” than to display your graduate on the big screen! They may act embarrassed, but will secretly be pleased. Call our sales staff at either location to inquire about our private dining options.

Want to share the big day with a smaller group of family and friends? Not to worry–we can accommodate your requests in our main dining rooms. Call either location for reservations.

This is probably my favorite steakhouse in town!!! No let me rephrase that…IT IS my favorite steakhouse in town!!!

– via Yelp

One of the best steaks I have eaten in the country ! The service is very high end and of 5 star quality. I can see why this restaurant is expanding to other cities. Tony’s is nothing short of amazing.

– via Yelp

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