October Newsletter

Last Minute Holiday Shopping? That’s
So Last Season…

Tony’s has something far better than Santa’s workshop–a head start on your holiday shopping! We’re starting our gift card promotions and savings earlier, making your gift giving a breeze. Look for our emails, Facebook posts and tweets for our upcoming promotions. Just think–you could complete your shopping for all the people on your “nice” list long before the holiday season begins, giving you plenty of time to actually enjoy the season. Santa will be envious.

October 25th is World Pasta Day

October 25th marks world pasta day; celebrate at Tony’s! We have a bevy of pastas for you to try. Our pastas–imported from Italy—are loaded with seafood, tossed with the freshest of veggies, laden with pancetta, smothered in pesto or layered with a rich bolognese. Read more about our pasta entrees on our website. You may even discover Mr. Ricci’s favorite pasta…


Cincinnati Spotlight

Sweetest Day
October 21

The idea of Sweetest Day originated in Cleveland when a philanthropist (who conveniently was also a candy company employee) gave boxes of chocolates to orphans, shut-ins and the underprivileged. This holiday was also designed to show gratitude; on the first Sweetest Day in 1922, 2,200 newspaper boys were presented with boxes of chocolates to recognize their daily service. The day gradually emerged into being one mostly associated with romance.

Although the day is recognized as a national holiday, it is mostly celebrated in the midwest states. Sweetest Day is most popular in Ohio, followed by Michigan and Illinois.

We like the true meaning of the day–focusing on all the people in one’s life that are important and making everyone feel special. We like to think that every day is Sweetest Day at Tony’s.

Lexington Spotlight

October 6-28

Come October 6th, Keenland celebrations at Tony’s will be in full swing. Although our reservations are booking up, we would love to accommodate you if we can. Races begin on Friday, October 6th and continue through Saturday, October 28th, with no racing on Monday or Tuesday.

Call 859-243-0210

Lexington Reservations


Best restaurant in the TRI-STATE area! Order anything off the menu and sit back and enjoy the awesome food!!! They treat you like royalty and ensure you are comfortable and happy. Now this place gets it. Top notch!

– via OpenTable

Great meal!! Wonderful waitstaff!! Perfect place to take that special business partner or client!!

– via OpenTable

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